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Storage Mezzanines - Steel Mezzanine - Shelving Mezzanines - Industrial Platforms

Mezzanines are often used in warehouses and distribution centers as an efficient way to utilize the available height, otherwise known as cubic space, in order to consolidate operations into a single area or possibly to free up valuable floor space for other operations.  Many times, storage mezzanines are used as the levels of a pick module. 

Typically, steel mezzanines and industrial platforms used inside warehouses are not permanent in-place using poured concrete but rather a preengineered solution using bolted steel construction.  Therefore, their floors are dismountable and reusable while their structure, dimensions and location within the facility are easily modified. 

Some advantages of using a mezzanine within the warehouse or distribution center include:

  • Maximizes the available height within the facility
  • Easy to assemble, install and reconfigure
  • Multiple floor surfaces available depending on the application and safety requirements

There are many types of storage mezzanines available to design and integrate into a warehouse.  Factors that drive the selected type of mezzanine include the available floor loading and if footers can be poured, clear height between floors, required distance between columns, and equipment used along with personnel activity on each floor.  

Some of the different types of storage mezzanines include the following:

  • Freestanding bolted steel mezzanine using C-Section components for the support beams
  • Freestanding bolted steel mezzanine using I-Beam components for the support beams
  • Freestanding bolted steel mezzanine using I-Beam with Bar Joist components for support beams
  • Freestanding bolted steel mezzanine using Joist Girder and Bar Joist components for support beams
  • Rack supported mezzanine using pallet rack upright frames and beams as support components
  • Shelving mezzanines using industrial shelving as the support components and bar grating for decking in the aisles

TriFactor is sought out by companies nationwide to provide material handling solutions that reduce inventory and delivery time, lower costs of manufacturing, distribution and transportation, and improve customer service.  If you are looking for an Edge on your competition, discover how TriFactor can make a difference with your mezzanine and industrial platforms, call today at 1-800-507-4209.

For additional information on material handling systems related topics, please visit the TriFactor Learning Center

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