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Articles featured in trade publications that highlight our Client Partners projects, TriFactor and information written by TriFactor's staff. 


The Five Most Common Mistakes When Planning a Distribution Center by TriFactor's Craig Bertorello and featured in Supply & Demand Chain Executive (online).  


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Order Picking Systems: Vertical Carousels Storage System

Just like a horizontal carousel, vertical carousels are a part-to-picker technology used in an order fulfillment operation.  The storage shelves, which can be separated into bins, rotate vertically, always presenting the appropriate shelf to the order picker at waist level.  Typically, a vertical carousel is used for effective space utilization for small items of low throughput

Benefits of vertical carousels:

  • Save floor space -  By taking full advantage of the vertical space in a warehouse, the square footage required to store small, low throughput items is much smaller than static pallet rack or shelving.
  • Controlled storage - Since the storage unit is encapsulated, the inventory that is stored in the vertical carousels are much more secure than if they were in open air storage. 
  • Increased ergonomics - By keeping the working height of the order picking at the waist level, order pickers are more productive, can maintain longer durations of productivity and are less likely to have a work related injury. 

TriFactor is sought out by companies nationwide to provide material handling solutions that reduce inventory and delivery time, lower costs of manufacturing, distribution and transportation, and improve customer service.  If you are looking for an Edge on your competition, discover how TriFactor can make a difference with your order picking systems, call today at 1-800-507-4209.

For additional information on material handling system related topics, please visit the TriFactor Learning Center.   

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TriFactor Articles

Articles featured in trade publications that highlight our Client Partners projects, TriFactor and information written by TriFactor's staff. 


How to Effectively Slot Your Warehouse/DC by TriFactor's Paul Hansen and Kelvin Gibson and featured in The National Provisioner


Top Ten Most Costly Conveyor Maintenance Mistakes by TriFactor's Tom Betts and featured in Food Manufacturing


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