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as/rs, automated storage / retrieval systems

Mini Load AS / RS

mini load as/rs

Mini Load AS/RS handle plastic or metal totes and individual cartons that can weigh up to 500 pounds.  These automated storage and retrieval machines offer a completely automated solution in a relatively small space.  In many applications, they are installed and integrated into an existing facility since the Mini Load Automated Storage Retrieval Systems are typically no higher than 30 feet.  This is not normally the situation for the Pallet Load AS/RS as the design of the building is often largely dependent on the AS/RS configuration to be located within the facility. 

In a Mini Load AS/RS, the storage shelves or racks for the cartons or totes are located on both sides of a stacker crane.  The stacker crane uses an extractor mechanism to engage the storage tote or carton and pulling it into the crane from the storage shelf.  The crane then transports the tote vertically and horizontally back to the pickup and delivery (P&D) point. The conveyors at the P&D point then take the tote to the operator to present the contents for picking.  Once the operator picks the necessary amount from the tote, the tote is then placed on a return conveyor for transporting back to the P&D point. The crane picks up the tote and places it back in the proper storage location.

These Mini Load AS/RS are controlled by a warehouse management software program that records and updates the storage location of each SKU and maintains the inventory levels on a real time basis.  

Mini Load AS/RS are primarily used in the following applications:

  • Broken case picking for medium to slow movers
  • Vertical sortation of a large number of different SKUs that can be received, queued, and released automatically to fill an order 
  • Freezer and cold storage environments where operator productivity would be limiting and inefficient
  • Manufacturing environment for storing and staging a large number of work-in-process materials

TriFactor is sought out by companies nationwide to provide material handling solutions that reduce inventory and delivery time, lower costs of manufacturing, distribution and transportation, and improve customer service.  If you are looking for an Edge on your competition, discover how TriFactor can make a difference, call today at 1-800-507-4209.

For additional information on material handling system related topics, please visit the TriFactor Learning Center

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