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Material Handling Systems Design and Material Handling Solutions

TriFactor Edge: Phase I - Needs Analysis

TriFactor is a licensed professional engineering firm that specializes in material handling solutions.  Over the last 25 years, we have refined our structured design build process and have selected to innovate rather than replicate traditional material handling system delivery methods and services.  Our unique solution is called the TriFactor Edge.  The first of this three phase process is the Needs Analysis.

During the Needs Analysis, a TriFactor Project Manager is assigned to fulfill a proven 8 step process.  These steps are:

Step 1: Analysis Initiation

Step 2: Gather Preliminary Project Data

Step 3: Document Current Process

Step 4: Research Path & Findings

Step 5: Review Preliminary Data

Step 6: Develop Basic Concepts

Step 7: TriFactor Management Review

Step 8: Needs Analysis Report & Presentation

A continuously evolving checklist and questionnaire is used to guide the Project Manager during the Needs Analysis phase.  This checklist and questionnaire ensures all stakeholders associated with the project, from the president of the company to the operations and maintenance personnel, are seriously considered in the design and operation of the new material handling system. 

Additional diligence for the Needs Analysis require SKU order history to be collected and evaluated, in order to best understand system throughput requirements, storage and picking requirements and other material handling equipment considerations.

Once the technical steps of the Needs Analysis are complete, including conceptual system layout and implementation timeline, the budgetary pricing is obtained.  With this budgetary pricing, a financial analysis of the project is accomplished using six different Return on Investment (ROI) calculations and the results provide the basis for the TriFactor Management Team material handling systems design recommendations.

To end the Needs Analysis phase, a detailed report is presented to the customer and a decision is made to continue to Phase II, Final Design and Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) Development.