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Order Fulfillment  : Order Fulfillment & Order Picking Systems Design

Order Picking and Fulfillment Systems Design

Designing an order picking and order fulfillment system requires significant effort, but TriFactor’s professional material handling engineers understand the effort makes a difference in the most important aspect of your business: the bottom line!

One of the first steps in an order picking design is to conduct a product slotting analysis. The results will determine how much of each SKU will be stored and the proper storage medium for each item (shelving, flow racks, carousels, rack etc.).  Typically, a well-designed and cost effective forward pick area consists of a mixture of storage equipment.

Performing a needs analysis is the second step in the order fulfillment systems design process.  Here, TriFactor’s engineering staff will adapt material handling best practices with the unique needs associated with your operation.  What provisions need to be made for seasonality or introduction of new product?  What is the profile of orders placed per day?  How much time is available to process orders?  When do orders have to go out the door?  What are your growth plans for the next 5 years?  These are just a few of the questions that lead to a successful design unique to your business.

TriFactor: Material Handling Systems: Voice Directed Order Picking System

Once you have decided on your Order Picking Method and system layout, you then have to determine how you are going to assign work to the order pickers.  Should you consider using a high technology solution to your order picking process such as wave management software, pick-to-light or voice-directed picking in order to give your operation the competitive edge over those still using a paper based system? 

One of the goals in an order fulfillment system design is to eliminate as many product touches as possible. Here is where conveyor systems and sortation systems play a vital role.  Conveyor systems facilitate the movement of product throughout operations, while sortation systems assure accuracy in shipping orders; both result in getting control of labor costs, maximizing productivity and improving order accuracy.

TriFactor’s Richard Gillespie wrote a white paper titled “Critical Factors when Choosing an Order Picking System” which goes into greater detail on this subject.

TriFactor offers facility design layout services for those companies in the new construction planning stages of a storage facility or the reconfiguration of an existing operation.  Our engineers collaborate with architecture and construction firms to determine the proper pallet rack configuration when developing the overall warehouse and production layout and design.  Regardless of the material handling situation, TriFactor has selected to innovate rather than replicate traditional material handling system delivery methods and services.  Our unique solution process is called the TriFactor Edge.  If you’re looking for an Edge on your competition, discover how TriFactor can make a difference with your order fulfillment and order picking system design, call today at 1-800-507-4209.

TriFactor is one of a few material handling companies in the country with the expertise and resources to offer a full spectrum of logistics and supply chain solutions, regardless of a project's complexity or size.  We are sought out by companies nationwide to provide solutions that reduce inventory and delivery time, lower costs of manufacturing, distribution and transportation, and improve customer service.  We bring a stellar reputation, financial integrity, proven expertise and an incredible safety record to every project we undertake.  TriFactor is your source for order fufillment and order picking systems design.  

For additional information on Product Slotting, Distribution Center Planning, Choosing a Conveyor System and related material handling issues visit the TriFactor Learning Center.