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Material Handling Systems Project Management

Through years of experience in designing, installing and integrating material handling systems, TriFactor has developed a process driven Project Management System that is strictly adhered to for all material handling system projects.  Our post-project surveys, as well as our annual customer surveys, regularly attribute the experience of TriFactor’s project managers and the Project Management System as two of the main contributors to the success of the project. 

Compared to other material handling systems integrators, TriFactor’s design engineering and project management strategy is somewhat unique.  Whereas most companies in the material handling industry differentiate design engineers from project managers, TriFactor assigns a project manager at the earliest stages of a project whose initial charge is to engineer the system with the overarching goal of managing the successfull integration of the design.  Therefore, TriFactor engineers provide unique and necessary perspectives when designing the material handling system. 

TriFactor is a Florida Licensed Professional Engineering company with engineers that have an average of over 15 years of experience in designing and integrating material handling systems.  This background covers a vast array of industries including pharmaceutical, health care & beauty supplies, food, beverage, wine & spirits, general merchandise retail, electronics, auto parts and many more. Additionally, TriFactor understands each industry’s unique distribution model, whether direct to consumer through an ecommerce portal or to a network of retail stores and outlets.   

As a result of TriFactor’s process-driven Project Management System, that leverages single point of contact accountability with years of experience, customers benefit in a number of ways, including:

  • A single dedicated Project Manager from cradle to grave provides consistency and accountability.
  • Documented solution-development and implementation process called the TriFactor Edge that has been defined and developed through years of implementation.
  • Streamlined communications during the entire process through detailed scheduled project status reports, Gantt Charts and a web portal for customer access to collaboratively developed documents and drawings.
  • Coordination of all installation trades, equipment vendors, customer operational schedules and any other stakeholders associated with the project.
  • Management of the system acceptance process through meticulous criteria development, testing, punch-list supervision and ultimately, final approval and turnover of the system.
  • Organizing post system acceptance tasks including final system documentation, as-built drawings, PLC/HMI source code, system spare parts, warranty procedures and planned maintenance options. 

When the project manager is complete with the project, the final step is acquiring customer feedback.  We call this our scorecard. Whether through our online survey or a more detailed presentation and review with the customer, TriFactor does not close a project without soliciting feedback from the customer. It is this feedback that is the primary source for continuous improvement to our Project Management System and the solution development process, the TriFactor Edge.