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Electrical Control Design

Electrical Control Design - Electrical Control Systems Design - Material Handling System

One of the main advantages of designing a material handling system with TriFactor is their in-house electrical engineering capabilities.  TriFactor’s electrical controls and software engineers bring a wealth of experience in designing and implementing complex conveyor systems.  With skills ranging from electrical power design, PLC programming, industrial networking, Human Machine Interface (HMI) programming and UL508(a) Certified Industrial Control Cabinet Design, TriFactor does not rely on subcontractors  to fulfill these vital roles of a project.  We believe that having such core competencies as a part of our solution process is critical since our experiences have shown that a majority of a projects' success is hinged upon proper system controls and a well thought out testing and acceptance plan.

Additionally, our electrical engineering staff understands the needs and has successfully developed solutions that interface our customer's Warehouse Management System (WMS) to the material handling equipment inside the distribution center.  We have integrated with many types of WMS solutions in order to ensure that inventory is real time and accurate, orders are picked efficiently, replenishment is done prior to stock out, and manifesting and shipping is precise.  On top of that, TriFactor routinely provides custom reporting services, so that operators and supervisors can monitor and track the performance of their distribution operations.

Our highly trained staff of Electrical and Controls Engineers is experienced in some of the most sophisticated technologies that are being utilized in today's ever-changing, electronic-rich environment.

Electrical Control Design Elements

  • Controls Review - Needs analysis / Design Study / Design Build
  • Control Systems Design - Platform Selection and Configuration
  • Detailed Sequence of Operation
  • UL Panel Design & Fabrication
  • One Line Diagrams 
  • Electrical Wiring Schematics 
  • Field Device Site Layout 
  • Network Layout and Design: Fiber optic and fieldbus systems ie. Ethernet, Profibus, CANbus, DeviceNet, ControlNet, Remote I/O, DH+, Modbus, MELSECnet, A/SI).
  • PLC Programming and Documentation: Allen-Bradley, General Electric, Mitsubishi, Modicon, Koyo, Fanuc, Westinghouse, Omron, Reliance Automax
  • PC Programming and Documentation: VisualBasic apps in multiple operating systems.
  • Human-Machine Interface Development and Documentation: Allen-Bradley, InTouch, Xycom, General Electric, Eaton, Mitsubishi. Wonderware
  • Detailed System As-Wired Drawings
  • Operations, Safety and Troubleshooting Training

For additional information, TriFactor’s John T. Phelan, Jr. wrote a white paper titled "WCS/WMS: Taking Control of Your Business", which can be viewed in the TriFactor Learning Center section of this website.

Over the past 25 years, TriFactor has selected to innovate rather than replicate traditional material handling system delivery methods and services.  Our unique solution process is called the TriFactor Edge.  If you’re looking for an Edge on your competition, discover how TriFactor can make a difference with your electrical control systems design, call today at 1-800-507-4209.

For additional information on Product Slotting, Distribution Center Planning, Choosing a Conveyor System and related material handling issues visit the Material Handling White Papers section of TriFactor Learning Center.