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Material Handling Case Study - Mattress Giant

Company Description

Mattress Giant Corporation is based in Addison, Texas. The company has 360 retail locations in 14 states, with 148 located in Florida. It services its Florida stores through distribution centers in Jacksonville, FL, Medley, FL, and Davenport, FL.


To locate its Florida distribution centers more strategically, the company was consolidating its Orlando warehouse into a new 80,000 square-foot facility in Davenport, FL, with the goal of accomplishing three objectives: maximize capacity, improve flow, and increase velocity.


The new distribution center was a build-out within an existing structure that shared space with other companies. Working closely with the building’s architect, the TriFactor team was tasked with meeting Mattress Giant’s goals, while working within the constraints of the building’s current layout, including power sources, columns, loading doors and sprinkler system. Racking had to be strategically located so as not to impede the turn-radius of forklifts.


TriFactor provided and installed heavy-duty teardrop pallet racking with various load capacities to accommodate three-level storage. Level A would store heavier 150-pound mattresses, Level B would house all lighter framing and box-springs, and Level C would shelve all overstock and seasonal products. Storage racking was set up to allow enough aisle spacing for forklifts to turn safely while transporting king-sized mattresses. Additionally, in order to minimize damage by fire, the racking was designed for proper storage placement of the mattresses under the fire sprinklers so that sprinkler water would spray between the mattresses, which are stacked on edge like books on a shelf, and soak the flat surfaces. Racks storing the fastest-moving and heaviest products were also placed closest to the loading doors. Steel storage cages were installed to house smaller, more “mobile” products such as pillows, hardware and bedding materials.


Pallet Racking

The TriFactor team completed the project on time and on budget, allowing Mattress Giant Corporation to make full and effective use of the facility by maximizing storage capacity without sacrificing efficient material flow or velocity.


24-36 months.

Download a copy of the Mattress Giant Corporation material handling case study.

System Summary

Mattress Giant Corporation

TriFactor Provided:
Engineering layout review and modification
On site project management /
coordination with GC & other trades
Customized pallet rack
Industrial shelving
Steel storage cages

80,000 Square Feet

Facility Type:

Products Handled:
Mattress, box springs, frames

Markets Served:

Products Utilized:
Pallet rack
Industrial shelving
Steel storage