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Material Handling Case Study - Camping World

Company Description

Camping World is an American corporation specializing in selling recreational vehicles, recreational vehicle parts, and recreational vehicle service. They also sell supplies for camping. Under the Freedom Roads brand, the company sells RVs through a network of about three dozen independent dealers. In 2007, the company opened the Camping World RV Sales dealership; formerly known as Stout's RV. Since then, the chain of dealerships has expanded to more than 120 locations. The company also operates


Camping World maintains distribution operations out of Franklin, Kentucky and Bakersfield, California.  These distribution centers support the network of Camping World stores spanning 38 states and e-commerce orders for their internet customer base nationally.   Their facilities use  a mix of storage rack for pallet and case storage, rack based shelving for each picks and powered and gravity processing lines to pack and ship to their network of internal stores  and to pack and manifest e-commerce orders.  The company has experienced significant growth in same store sales and through acquisitions.


A new distribution center, located in Fort Worth, TX, was designed to service the southern stores and e-commerce customers located across Texas and also, future stores across the southwest United States. This DC is  needed in order to provide the level of service required for continued Camping World growth.  The goal of the new facility was to take on some of the volume from their other distribution operations and to handle forecasted organic and acquisition growth states.  Additionally, a parallel goal was to automate the picking, case routing, packing, sorting and shipping operation to better serve their company stores and their e-commerce customers.


Camping World commissioned TriFactor to perform an in-depth material handling system design study to determine the appropriate material handling requirements to include the most efficient rack storage system, conveyor and sortation systems and warehouse control system needs for the unique requirements of company stores and e-commerce.   Upon completion of the analysis, which was a collaborative and detailed process spanning several months, TriFactor and Camping World created a comprehensive design for a material handling system containing a detailed concept, operational description, budget guidance and an implementation schedule.  As a result, Camping World stakeholders had the essential information required to plan for the new distribution center.

Once the project budget was approved, Camping World selected TriFactor to implement the project.  From initial commissioning to beneficial use took approximately 8 months, reflecting the detailed planning and collaboration between TriFactor and Camping World teams.  The material handling system provided by TriFactor included a 24V motorized driven roller system, dynamic zone picking, carton and tote sortation, 3- level pick module , in line weight verification, corrugated waste handling system and a warehouse control system.  The system is designed to accommodate future growth in picking, packing and shipping operations. 


The project was completed on budget and schedule.  The go live date established was achieved and the system has passed acceptance testing with minimal issues.  Camping World was able to fulfill internal store and e-commerce orders across Texas and the Southern United States while taking volume from their other distribution centers in order to provide customer service excellence and timely support.


2-4 Years

System Summary

Customer: Camping World



TriFactor Provided:
Detailed Design Engineering
Equipment Selection and Procurement
Mechanical & Electrical Installation
Mechanical & Electrical Engineering
Mechanical & Electrical Programming
Controls & WCS Integration
Operator and Maintenance Training



Size: 197,400 square feet



Facility Type: Distribution Center



Products Handled:
Cases Direct to E–Com Customers
Cases & Totes to Retail Stores
Wholesale Customers



Markets Served:
Consumer RV & Camping Equip
Wholesale RV & Camping Equip



Products Utilized:
Conveyors: Sortation, Accumulating & Spiral
Tote Sorter & Put Module
In-Line Scale
Label Scanning
3-Level Pick Module
Carton & Pallet Flow
Packing and Shipping Sortation
Corrugated Waste Conveyor
High Speed Carton/Tote Sorter
Protection for Packing & Shipping Conveyor
Pallet Racking