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BrandsMart - Retail Appliances and Electronics

Company Description

Based in Hollywood, FL, BrandsMart USA is a major discount retailer of consumer appliances and electronics in the southeast, with five locations in Florida and three in Georgia.


During store hours, the Miami facility had a problem replenishing the ”Pit,” a recessed area in the center of the store where all of the fastest moving items are purchased by customers. Prior to implementing TriFactor’s solution, BrandsMart employees had to navigate back and forth with product from the adjacent warehouse to this high-traffic area of the store in order to replenish the shelves. This was an inefficient use of employees and slowed down replenishment, creating an unsafe situation.


Retail Store Conveyor

Working with BrandsMart USA, TriFactor’s engineers determined how to best utilize the store’s existing space, both in the warehouse and on the retail floor. It was decided that given the space to work in, avoiding disruption in the retail area was a priority. An improved system was needed to get more product from the warehouse to the center location of the store as quickly and safely as possible.


TriFactor’s engineering team’s analysis determined that using the space above the retail area was the most cost-effective and efficient solution. Racking, shelving and a 150-foot, 24-volt motorized driven roller (MDR) zero pressure accumulation conveyor was installed, which moved product from the warehouse through an opening in the upper wall of the retail store. From there, the product exited on to a 30-foot spiral conveyor above the Pit area, delivering product directly to a glass-enclosed area on the sales floor.


Spiral Conveyor used in a retail store

The TriFactor team completed the project on time and on budget. The new system greatly improved throughput, in some instances as much as 400%. Labor was also significantly reduced, allowing three employees to do the job of the original five or six workers. By eliminating employees and equipment traveling on the retail floor, customer safety improved. The overall store appearance was also greatly enhanced by the new system. BrandsMart USA was so pleased with the results that the spiral conveyor system was installed in two more stores in South Florida and three in the Atlanta area.

Download a copy of the Bransmart Stores Material Handling Case Study

System Summary


BrandsMart USA


TriFactor Provided:

Concept Engineering

Final Design Engineering

Product Selection





Five stores between 70,000 square feet and 100,000 square feet


Facility Type:

Retail Store


Products Handled:

Appliances and Electronics


Markets Served:



Completion Date:

Doraville, GA - Aug 2004

Miami, FL - July 2005

Cobb County, GA - Oct 2005

Stockbridge, GA - Oct 2006

South Dade, Fl - Oct 2006

Products Utilized:

24-Volt DC Motorized Roller Conveyor

Pallet Rack



24-Volt DC Motorized Roller Spiral